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Workers Set
Workers Set contain eleven NPCs: two Managers, three Maids, Babysitter, Janitor, Cook and three Housekeepers.
In package is also included dmaTeleport object.
Once invited, these NPCs work and live in your house.
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WooHoo Set
WooHoo NPCs Set contain sixteen "Hooker" NPCs and objects: Booth, Bed and Hot Tub.
In package is also included COA object.
Base idea for this project was ability to satisfy Sim's needs for "Make-Out" and "WooHoo" without falling in love.
These NPCs, when invited, stay and work in your house according to their working hours.
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Entertainment Set
Set containing: four dancers, girls band (5 members) and two deejays (female + male).
Objects included in set are: Dance Rug, Singer Booth, Solo Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Set and Saloon Piano.
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Bar Staff Set
Set containing: six waitresses and four bartenders.
Objects included in set are: five Bar Counters, Espresso Machine, Bartender Door and two Bartender Gates.
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Miscellaneous Set
Here you can find NPCs and objects which don't fit in any of above projects.
NPCs covered by this section are: Hitmen and housekeeper Igor.
Objects are: Police/Ambulance/Vampire car and few invisible, but useful objects.
Also, this section contain additional outfits (as uniforms) for all above NPCs.
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